• Fintech Incubator


A fintech incubator with a digital fintech platform designed to enable market participants from financial institutions, large enterprises, governments, to fintech startups and individuals to access high quality, publicly sourced and curated Fintech information.


The FinTech Consortium is a cross industry initiative, designed to facilitate collaboration between market participants in the FinTech eco-system. Our shared purpose is to foster synergies and encourage innovators to build the next generation of financial products and services.


The Consortium aims to accelerate FinTech by being an effective platform for our partners to engage with the various stakeholders in the ecosystem to find solutions to implement and promote best FinTech innovation practices in a collaborative, open and transparent manner.


Corporate Incubation

To collaborate and invest in FinTech start-ups and new technologies.

Research Lab

Understanding the Fintech ecosystem through research and surveys methods.

Venture Acceleration

To assist companies in setting up, with and development and capital raising.




Access and manage your contact directory. Locate your desired companies and people.

Partner Solutions

Showcase and access our products & services. Choose according to your company's needs.

 Collaboration Platform

Initiate and execute collaboration activities. Work and grow with the Fintech community.



 Expert Exchange

Register and search for subject matter experts Obtain curated, personalised help with ease.

 Talent Centre

Publish your profile and search for talent. Find the best people for the job.


Access and contribute to publication materials. Browse a wide catalogue of Fintech knowledge.



 Event Calendar

View, manage and register for events. Synchronise it with your own schedule.

 Network Projects

Register and participate in network projects. Interact with the global Fintech community.


Access the latest Fintech news, announcements. Be the first to know what's going on in the field.



Our platform enables the interaction and engagement between all FinTech participants and stakeholders to further the market intelligence , partnership creation and the development of the broader FinTech ecosystem in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


Engage with early stage Fintech participants and suppport the startup ecosystem.


Manage your solutions sourcing, pipeline and engage more broadly with your target ecosystem.


Educate yourself on FinTech subjects, broaden your network and explore career opportunities.

Use the fully digitalised platform to facilitate the interaction with prospective customers,

Screen new opportunities more easily with secure online deal-rooms and collaborate with co-investors.

Drive growth with online tools, gather ecosystem data and improve reporting to stakeholders.